Friday, 11 October 2013

Hello New Arm Candy

Michael Kors Watch 

Who said you can't treat yourself every once in while? 
This gorgeous Michael Kors watch now has me as its proud owner, and it's defiantly worth every penny paid. I've been wanting a new watch for a long while, and Michael Kors watches along with DKNY have always been on top of the list and when I saw this beautiful MK one a couple months ago I just fell in love.
I am so chuffed with it, it's absolutely stunning and can't keep looking at it. 

What do you guys think? 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Update | Life Lately

Hello everyone, sorry it's been a while, I am still here, just been a bit busy recently what with uni starting etc. but some exciting posts coming up soon I promise! Today just a quick update to show you this sweet bit of yummy-ness. You may or may not know it was my 20th on Monday and as you can see I got this cake, Orla (careful ios spellcheck) the owl to be precise, which I thought was defiantly worth sharing. Not quite the Percy pig one I had liked, but I think this tops that - just so cute, oh and tasty ofcourse! 

Anyway, I had a great day even though my first day of uni was on the same day, and I received some lovely gifts; perfume, clothes, accessories and gifts cards to name a few, some of which I will review in a separate post soon so stayed tuned!

That's all for now. What do you think of the cake? 

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Ambitious Birthday Wishlist

 1. Mac Foundation | 2. Burberry Body | 3. Gift Card | 4. Michael Kors Watch |
5. Accessorize Handbag | 6. M&S Percy Pig Cake 
With it being my birthday a week today (23rd) I was thinking of all the perfect possible gifts one could want.... as you do. And from all of the things I could conjure up in the world, which altogether probably runs into thousands (haha), I have picked out a few modest-ish items which I really would love to receive; in an ideal world of course. Although unlikely to receive but one of these items, since I never request anything, I can always dream, or treat myself wink wink

What would be your perfect gift? Jewellery, clothes? Let me Know, I'd love to hear

P.s. How cute is the cake!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Store Can Awaken A Lust For Things You Never Even Knew You Needed.

I swore down I would try and save some of my money this month but when having a few hours to waste in the city after work I couldn't resist just having a quick look in the stores, and seeing what was new in for the Autumn. If it hadn't been for the pretty window displays I swear I wouldn't have gone in half of them. Honest!

Spot Shirt - Topshop
Really love this shirt. It's just so me. The colour is really nice and I love the length. As it's slightly fitted it's really flattering on, and looks great when worn with just a simple pair of black jeans or other bottoms. The material isn't sheer which you'd might expect, rather just a nice soft material which is quite thick. Bought for £38 (early birthday gift) which I think is rather ok considering the good quality and the fit. 

Plaid Shirt and Embossed Tee - Primark
Picked these up for super dirt cheap when cutting through Primark. The plaid shirt is bang on trend at the moment and I love how it's fitted and the 3 quarter length sleeves. Looks great when worn under my black pinafore. The embossed t-shirt with grey jersey texture sleeves and back is a simple but nice piece. I've always liked this embossed texture trend that's been floating about so when I saw this tee for a couple of pounds I thought why not. 

Soft Quilted 'Bunny' Jumper - Topshop
Had my eye on the jumper for a while. It must have been the first batch of the A/W arrivals as I remember seeing it sometime in the middle of summer. Set me back £40, quite expensive but it's just so gorgeous. The grey marl colour is really lovely and the quilted bunnies are just really sweet. Lovely soft knit and fits quite well. The drop shoulder design does give a bit of extra room under the arms but I got a smaller size so it didn't look so 'big'. Looking forward to wearing this when the colder weather sets in. 

What do you think of my purchases? I'd love to hear

Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello September, Hello New Things.

First and foremost, I just want to apologize for my lack of posting this past week. I have literally been so busy/tired/stressed. I managed to get myself a job at a big fashion store, (eeeek) and I've been in a lot for training and such in the week so haven't had the time to put a post together without coming across  like a boring zombie haha!

So, today I just wanted to share with you some recent purchases I have made in preparation for the colder months. As you know September is now upon us, which for me is good and scary at the same time. The good side is that I love getting into Autumn clothing, it's just so comfy and lovely and I prefer it to summer clothes, so that's nice, however I am also starting Uni soon which I am so worried about, and also I'm leaving my teenage years behind and hitting the big 20. Not at all old but still a big thing! I feel like I have come so far in the last few months, what with getting my college results, getting a job, getting into uni and other things. Now suddenly it's September I am like, whoah time flys! 

Black Cut-Out Ankle Boots - Mr. Shoes
Anyway, back on topic, the first of the items to talk about is this gorgeous pair of black cut-out ankle boots, which I am so in love with. The moment I saw them in the shop window I knew I had to have them. Bought from Mr. Shoes at just £29.99 I knew these had to be snapped up. I never used to shop in this store before but since last winter when I found the exact pair of boots I bought in Office for £70 in Mr.Shoes for £30, I always go in to make sure I'm not missing out on anything good.

These are super gorgeous with both black jeans and something like a skater skirt or my following item, and I think the cut-out style is just so eye catching. The silver tip on the toe caps is also a nice addition!

My next purchase is this cute pinafore playsuit from Urban Outfitters. This purchase was actually influenced by another blogger, so thank you to them. It took me absolutely ages to find the perfect one online. I didn't like the ones with open backs, so luckily found this one which had a supported back. It cost me just £30 and was the last in my size so that was lucky. Wearable for both summer and winter, but I look forward to wearing with tights and boots and something like a plaid shirt underneath. You can see images online of Alexa Chung rocking one of these on many occasions, and they look great. 

Pinafore Playsuit - Urban Outfitters
In addition to the above, I also bought a black skater skirt for £12 which I had been umming and arring about for a while. I was never sure whether one would suit me, but after some thought I just took the chance and bought one and thankfully after getting some used to I really like it. I've never been one for skirts, as I felt they made me look like I'm of school age,  but I don't feel that way know, and super love my skater skirt.

So then, that's that. What are your thoughts on these items? What are you buying this Autumn? Let me know. I appreciate all comments. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

My Fave | Clinique High Impact Mascara

Today I just wanted to give a little review on this lovely mascara by Clinique that's been sitting in my makeup bag for a while. I actually bought this several weeks ago but hadn't got round to using it until recently, as I was using up another mascara before cracking this one open.
It cost me £16 at the time if I remember rightly - quite pricey but nevertheless a very good mascara. It defiantly lives up to the name of being 'high impact'. It gives such strong and bold lashes and lengthens them quite dramatically. When applied sparsely it can look a little 'spider legs-like' if you get me haha, but when you bulk it up that disappears and the lashes are much thicker.

The only downside I would say to this particular mascara is that it can be a little clumpy. It would be great if the brush was re-designed or the nozzle of the bottle took excess away when removing the brush, that way there'd be no clumps. Despite this though I must say it's by far one of the best mascara's I have ever owned if I am honest. It just seems to really define my lashes and make them dramatic looking.

Overall a really good product, despite the clumping at times, it gives dramatic, volumized looking lashes, that last a long time and are flake free.

What do you think? & If you have tried this product please leave your thoughts in a comment below. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Product Of The Moment: Garnier Moisture Match

This lotion I'm going to review by Garnier today is the latest in a long line of purchases. If you didn't know already I am a little bit obsessed when it comes to skincare products. I buy so many new and different serums, moisturizers, cleansers, washes and what not in a month in order to find the perfect product and see what works best. Gosh knows how much I spend - But as you can see this is the most recent skincare item I have bought.

It's one of five products from Garniers new Moisture Match range which is made up of different moisturizers for different skin types. From all the tailor made products, I picked out the 'Protect and Glow' moisturizer which is for normal skin. Although I wouldn't say my skin was normal-type I chose this out of the 5 because it has SPF 20 in and gives a glowing look to the skin. I'm all about protecting my skin so the SPF is important to me. The other products in the range include 'Start Afresh' for normal/dry skin, 'Goodbye Dry' for dry skin, 'Wake Me Up' for dull skin and 'Shine Be Gone' for those with combination/oil skin type. So something for everyone.

So what are my thoughts on this item? Well I actually really like this lotion as it not only smells really good, is oil free and suitable for sensitive skin, but it also genuinely gives my skin a glowing look and on top of that protects from the sunlight to prevent future damage. Great right?

The bottle as you can see is quite small but nevertheless the lotion goes very far. You only need a dab on your finger and it goes a long way on the skin. The only negative thing I would say about it is that it needs rubbing in rather a lot to get it to soak in, otherwise it does feel rather dewy or borderline oily. Other than that I think this product is really good and I have actually seen an improvement to my skin, especially to red marks left from blemishes.

Overall not bad for the price! Next time I might try one of the others in the range to see what they're like too.

Have you used this product? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment, I'd love to know

Monday, 19 August 2013

Miss Selfridge Wishlist

1. Black Lace Belted Shorts - £35 | 2. Black Cutout Boot - £48 | 3. Chiffon  Yoke Solid Tee - £22
 | 4. Animal Jaquard Bomber - £39 | 5. Scalloped Black Flats - £22 | 6. Eagle Cord Collar - £14
 | 7. Embellished Knicker Short - £48

Miss Selfridge is one of my favourite stores not just because of their unique collections they have but because without fail I can always go in store or online and find something I absolutely adore and must have.

After looking through my inbox of endless clothing store subscriptions today Miss Selfridge caught my eye with a few pieces. So, when taking a look at their 'new arrivals' section I found so many items I loved I thought I'd make a wishlist to share.

I'll keep it short and sweet, but from the items chosen, which are all bang on trend for this A/W, I am particularly loving the bomber jacket the most as well as the chiffon tee. Both gorgeous items which I could see myself getting a lot of wear from. I also must mention the two lovely pair of shorts; one stunning embellished pair and the other a rebel lace style, two very different looks but again both in season and great pieces.

Let me know what items you like if any on my wishlist, I always love to hear.
Thanks for reading

Friday, 16 August 2013

June & July | Instagram Look Back

1. Just me |  2. Enjoying the sunshine, 'cause you know, it's pretty ok! | 3. Norfolks finest chocolate gateau | 4. Greatest t-shirt ever? River Island | 5. Last day drinkies with the college gang | 6. Awards night - 2 nominations and 2 wins | 7. Upside down cat | 8. A play suit kinda day - River Island | 9. 'Queen of Media' on awards night - Dress from Debenhams | 10. Sun, drink and relax. 

A little late, but looking back, in summary, two pretty great months!
I finished my last year of college with great results and also had the most amazing awards ceremony to top it off. Not to mention the weather was also a-mazing which I defiantly made the most of. 
I Hope everyone else had a great June and July too, and made the most of the British weather, haha. 

Anyway, August is now upon us and I hope to continue to enjoy my summer and do more great things before the start of Uni in September (eeek) 


Liebster Award

Ooo I've been nominated for a Liebster Award thanks to Sarah from Ballerinas and Buttons!

If I'm honest, as a newbie of wasn't fully aware of what this award was, but after a little research I've discovered  it's given as a way for new bloggers with under 200 followers like myself to connect with other new bloggers and to get recognized within the blogger community - Such a great idea!

The rules of the Liebester award are to:
In a blog post, link back to the person whom nominated you and answer the 11 Liebster questions set by that person. Then select 5 + bloggers of your own to nominate for the award with under 200 followers, notify them on their blog and they will answer 11 questions you've set for them.

So here's my answers to Sarah's questions:

Which camera do you use? - Nothing fancy, just my Ipad mini camera and a Pansonic Lumix
Skincare or Makeup? - Tough one, but skincare all the way.
Dream holiday destination? - Los Angeles 
Favourite song at the moment? - Tunnel Vision by Justin Timberlake
Why did I start my blog? - To express my views and opinions of my favoruite subjects and make use of my creativity
Favourite Season? Autumn; well clothes wise anyway.
Favourite Youtuber? Jenna Marbles, she's hilarious
Describe your style in 3 words? - Fun, stylish, yet comfortable 
Favourite clothing store? - H&M always
Favourite Book? - Couldn't say, not a big book reader.
Favourite quote? - "If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with."

My nominations:

And my questions for my nominees are: 

What's your favourite feature?
What do you love about blogging?
What's your dream job?
Where do you love to shop the most?
Heels or flats?
Favourite artist at the moment?
Three things you couldn't live without?
Cats or dogs?
Your favourite cuisine?
2 words that best describe you?
Someone you admire/look up to?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Making a Statement | Printed Trousers

Printed Trousers - Topshop | Jumper - H&M | Necklace - Primark

I love wearing a bold design every now and again, and these black and white printed cigarette trousers happen to be my favourite statement piece in my wardrobe. For most people their statement pieces are usually in form of accessories, whether it be a chunky bold necklace, a long bold scarf or bracelets and earrings, however I like to make a particular item of my clothing the most eye catching element, and keep the accessories as a finishing touch.

I pair these trousers with a simplistic top and a small amount of jewellery to inject some colour and the outfit is complete.

What do you think? Tell me your favourite statement pieces - I'd love to know!


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Talking Blogger issues & DSLRs

Today my blog decided it would remove every single image I've ever  uploaded, I'm not sure why. I suddenly went to check on some lovely comments I was left and found myself with an image-less blog (not pretty).  Bit of a pain really, not to mention a frantic rush to quickly locate every image and reload them back onto my blog before anyone noticed haha. Don't you just hate it when technology doesn't go right? Nevertheless, the issue was quickly resolved and as you see my lovely blog is back up and running again, hurrah!

Anyway speaking of images, I've been looking into buying a new camera recently, as I feel my phone camera and Ipad aren't really cutting it anymore. I always come across such amazing blogs that have these striking photos and I wish I could produce such material, but lack of equipment. 
I really want to buy a DSLR to get my blog looking even better but at the moment can't quite afford one. I love using DSLRs as they can produce such great images when used correctly. Having done a photography course I know how to use all the settings and modes to get awesome images with nice effects, but frustratingly don't own a camera with such means to. Although you don't need a fancy DSLR to produce good images, (or a fantastic blog as a matter of fact) especially with many digital cameras having the same settings such as aperture and shutter control, I just feel I could get a lot of use out of a DSLR and learn a lot about photography along the way too. But hey, I guess i'll have to stick to what I have for the moment!

What equipment do you use bloggers?  Let me know your thoughts - I'd love to hear

Monday, 12 August 2013

Rihanna 4 River Island | A/W Campaign

Check out this video just released of behind the scenes of Rihanna's A/W collection. 
The collection is due hit stores in two installments, the first on September 12th and the other in November. 

Items from the collection can be viewed in Vogues Gallery here

So far lots of camo, pleather, checks, beanies and cut out designs can be seen. 
Some really exciting urban pieces! Can't wait for the release!

Let me know your thoughts on Rih's designs!
For more visit

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Discounts, Freebies & Competitions | Tips for making the most of the web

There's no denying we all love a good discount nowadays to make our money go farther. It's such a good feeling to purchase items for a fraction less than what they are on the high-street or other stores for example, and with social media, emails and other online tools it's so easy to find discount codes and deals, not to mention freebies too! Yes that's right - there is such a thing as freebies still in this day and age. 

I myself when shopping online regularly use discount codes if available. And how do I get these you wonder? Well, if you're a student I cannot stress enough how you should be signed up to Unidays. It's the most fantastic student discount website, with over 2 million users, and discounts across a huge number of online stores such as Urban Outfitters, Asos, Apple, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Lookfantastic and many many more!
It's free to signup and all you need to do to get saving instantly is verify your student status, and away you go.

Even better, Unidays has recently enabled you to get amazing, and exclusive discounts on the high street  by simply downloading their app, signing in and showing cashiers your Unidays verified ID to redeem offers that are available.
If you can't find the right discount with this site then needn't worry as there is other websites such as StudentBeans and also most online stores allow you to get discount by signing up to them using your college or university email, rather than entering a discount code at the checkout through a normal account. 

Now, don't worry if you're not a student as there's still plenty of other ways to finding great discounts, and I've listed some of these ways below.

1. Sign up to email alerts from you're favourite stores; they often send out discount codes, alerts of flash sales and also free delivery at times. 

2. Register with stores! It can often lead to receiving offers and discounts on your first purchase. For example I recently signed up to JustFab and after taking their quiz to find my perfect pair of shoes I was offered my first pair for half price at £17.50. 

3. Social media - Follow shops on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram! This is such a good way of finding out about flash sales, discounts, and also competitions, which I will talk about a bit more further down. 

Freebies & Competitions

As I mentioned before freebies are still available in today's modern, money driven age. I myself I have occasionally received free gifts through following brands online and liking their Facebook pages. 

If you didn't know,  a lot of brands, especially those selling beauty products, offer free samples to customers. These are usually found through visiting their websites and official Facebook pages where simply by giving your details you can be sent free samples . Look out for new products released, as this is what's usually given as samples. 

Other freebies I have received have been found through using StudentBeans. This student website sends me emails with a list of free things I can obtain through doing questionnaires or simply giving my details etc, all great ways to receiving free stuff. Although take caution of giving too much personal information!! - That's not always a good idea.

Again social media is fantastic for the chance of getting free gifts, be it by simply liking a brands tweet or entering their competitions. 
A year ago or so I used to twitter to enter competitions and it worked great! I followed magazines, brands, shops, you name it. They often run competitions to win stuff and I successfully won two prizes, one by telling a magazine about my favourite celebs outfit and another just by simply retweeting a tweet to be entered. 

I won London Fashion week tickets (so chuffed!) along with some jewellery from Lola Rose and the other prize was two massive bars of Toblerone - Win!

So, there's just a few of the best ways of making use of the internet to get discounts and others nice things! I hope it's helped for any of you bargain hunters out there, feel free to comment with any other suggestions or what you think 


Thursday, 8 August 2013

City Trip | What I Bought

Popped into town yesterday with my mum for spot of lunch and just to have a browse around, obviously this ended up with me buying more clothes, typical, and also a gorgeous purse I've had my eye on for a while, which was well needed since mine was on its last legs.

This lovely lightweight green knit  sweater was picked up from Zara, which has this see through shoulder design. Was originally £35.99, bought for £9.99- BARGAIN. 

Flattering white pattern front jumper - H&M, £14.99

Cream Deco clip top purse - River Island, £17

Can't wait to get some use out of these jumpers when the cold weather sets in!


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

OOTD: Keeping it caj


Just a causal outfit. Simply wearing my favourite casual tee which has this pretty all over print on the front and turn up sleeves which I bought back in the Easter in London. Paired with acid wash jeans, these cute butterfly sandals and a bit of jewellery to jazz it up I'm good to go. Simple yet fresh. 

Not overwhelmingly exciting for a non eventful summer day - well not quite non eventful, I actually found out my place at University was confirmed today, yay - But that aside a relaxed day with not much on apart from a driving lesson haha. The rest of the day was mine to chill.

Oversized printed t-shirt - Pull & Bear 
Acid wash jeans - Topshop
Necklace - (picked up for £2 might I add because the packaging was removed - bargain ). Primark 
Sandals - F&F


Monday, 5 August 2013

ZARA AW13 - Top Picks

Zara have released their new lookbook campaign for AW13! Eek!

The sleek and stylish campaign features plenty of luxury pieces with a heavy focus on the dark and black colours that feature throughout the new collection. As expected we are seeing some of the top trends emerge such as the Rebel theme with lots of tartan and leathers, there's also a lot of stunning tailored pieces in the collection, as well as bold florals and metallic.

I have picked out a few of my favorite pieces from the new collection to see below:

Embroidered Blouse - £39.99
Jacquard Trousers - £29.99
Combined Faux Leather Coat - £89.99
Contrast Sweater - £25.99 
Tote Bag - £39.99
Leather Ankle Boot - £79.00

To see the full campaign follow this link


Sunday, 4 August 2013

The 5:2 Diet

Hello readers!

Since breaking up from college I've not been as active as I used to be. Sitting home eating junk really had caught up with me so I decided I wanted to get back in shape over the summer.
After hearing about the crazily popular 5:2 Diet, which all the celebrities had been doing I decided to give it a go. 
If your not aware of the 5:2 Diet, basically it's this 'new' way to lose weight reasonably fast, and all that's involved is eating normally for 5 days, and by normally I mean within the daily calorie limit, which is 2000 for women and 2500 for men. Then for the other 2 days in the week you have to eat just 500 calories (600 for men).  That's it!
Now as a woman this means on one of the days you eat 500 calories you are effectively eating 1500 less. So in a week you should have totaled a loss of 3000 calories . 
3500 calories equals a pound of body weight, so theoretically  you should nearly be losing a pound a week if you stick to the plan and keep active.

With all this in mind I thought, great! sounds easy! - I mean getting to eat what you like within the limit for 5 days a week seemed brilliant. 

So let me explain how it all went for me.

My first week was really difficult. I didn't think it would be so hard to stick to 500 calories in a day, but it really was. I didn't worry though, as according to all the articles and stories I read on this diet getting used to eating this little was the hard part, but in time it got easier, apparently!

With a goal in mind, I didn't give in and I stuck to the plan and didn't eat over the 500. I spread the 2 days over the week so I could 'recover' kind of thing and it was great knowing the next day you could eat normally again. BUT, and this is a big one. This is where everything went wrong for me. 

After about 2 weeks of strictly following the diet I started to flag. After the days I was eating 500 I was feeling so hungry, not to mention moody, and I basically made up for what I hadn't eaten the day before, therefore defeating the object! Maybe I have no will power but I just felt like I needed to eat and eat. 

I think that maybe given time I would really have adjusted to the plan but for the first attempt, I didn't succeed. 
Nevertheless this doesn't mean it won't work for others - As I said there are many celebrities praising this diet and I have read many success stories; but it just wasn't for me. I think in future I will just stick to shaving a few hundred calories off my diet each day, instead of starving myself twice a week! 

For those wanting information on the 5:2 diet click here

Please leave a comment If you've tried this diet, or have any thoughts. 


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Beauty Haul - Recent Buys

So then, just a small collection of some recent purchases I've made to show. More essentials (ahem) rather than beauty treats here today! Nevertheless I will talk you through.

- Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited Perfume 50ml -
I purchased this for my mum not so long ago as a gift and I loved it so much I had to get myself some (cheeky) I love perfumes so much and when I can afford to I always have to buy some. I tend to go for perfumes which aren't overly sweet and are long lasting. DKNY, Lacoste and Hugo Boss are what I have always stuck by but since trying this perfume by Diesel I have loved it ever since.
It's quite a subtle smell, unlike some perfumes which are quite overpowering, however it lasts a long time. It has quite a floral smell to it and is said to be spicy and woody at the same time, which is a good way to describe it.  Bought on sale in Boots at the time at the price of £30. Not bad for the 50ml bottle. Defiantly recommend.

- Bourjois Little Round Pot Rose Pompon Blush -
Love this little pot of blusher. It's really nice and compact with a mirror inside and a brush (not the greatest but it's okay for when you're on the move) I bought this blusher because it's one of the only colours I could find which goes well on my very pale skin. It's such a light colour and gives my cheekbones this soft and subtle warm look. In terms of staying power, it lasts quite long and blends onto the skin really well.
This particular colour gives me a nice natural warmth, but depending on your skin tone or look you want to achieve there's a huge variety of shades available from light pinks, reds, and peaches to deeper shades with tones of brown.
Price paid? - £7.99 at Superdrug. I will certainly buy this brand again, maybe next time I'll try the cream blush.

- No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum - 
Okay, previous to buying this product I had read a lot of good reviews and heard so much hype about how great this serum was. Bearing this in mind and after doing a little research into it I decided to buy it to see if I could improve my skin tone and minimize any pores, which is what it claims to achieve. What with having sensitive skin I have to be careful what products I use on my face however with this serum which is designed for sensitive skin there should be no problem.
 The serum itself is not greasy nor heavy on the skin and it glides on really nicely and soaks in fast.  I've only just began using the product so can't comment on any long term results, however for the few days I have been using it I can defiantly say that my skin is much smoother and a little more luminous, which is great.  After longer use I hope to see more results (i'll keep you posted) but as yet the product is having some nice results and hasn't caused my skin any problems like some serums and creams do if they are too rich or heavy! 
Just to comment on the value for money, I think the price of £22 is a little steep considering the size of the tube, however if I see any amazing results in the near future I will take this comment back haha!

- Tea Tree Intense Spot Cream -
I've been troubled with a few breakouts recently, *sigh* probably due to stress or my bad diet, so I have needed something to sort it out (or try to). Staying clear from all the usual brands such as Clearisil and Neutrogena etc as they do nothing for my skin in the slightest, I purchased this tea tree cream. I've never used any tee tree products for poor skin before so decided to give this cream a whirl after a reccomendation and replace the old scrubs and masks which I have endless amounts of. 
All I can pretty much say is that it does a pretty good job of reducing redness and speeding the healing  process. Put on overnight and within a few days my skin was near enough clear. Where has this product been all my teenage life? No but honestly, this cream not only smells great and you can feel it working it really helped reduce breakouts and any redness with constant use. 
Tea tree is my saviour! 

So there go, a few of the beauty products I've bought recently.

 Have you tried any of these items? What are your thoughts? 


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

AW13- One Step Ahead

AW13 is nearly hear, and good news for those wanting to stay ahead of the game, because the shops are gradually bringing out the jumpers, jackets and seasons must haves. Slightly early this year some would say perhaps, but it's never to soon to stock up on the next seasons trends! 

My first autumn purchase is this gorgeous Khaki style jacket, which is of the English Heritage trend this autumn/winter. Spotted among all the high summer fashion in Topshop, priced at just £60, it was a definite buy for me. 

There's plenty of trends around this Autumn/Winter, both new and some old classics. I'm particularly loving the Rebel look which includes high shine and leathers, as well as the English heritage style which is all about the chunky cable knits, khaki, checks and those autumn colours. 
I've compiled a list of the tops trends for 2013/14 below.

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