Sunday, 9 June 2013

Even Better Skin: Clinique

After suffering from problematic skin in my early teens I found that after it had cleared up I was left with uneven skin tone and slight Hyper-Pigmentation. Although not permanent,  I wanted a product to improve my skin and speed up the healing process. 

Having seen advertisement for Cliniques products and multiple good reviews I just stopped by my local Clinique counter in Boots and asked for advice.
After going through a short assessment of my skin I was suggested Even Better Dark Spot Corrector, Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion and Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer. 

These products all come for different skin types. I was suggested dry to dry combination.

As you can see I bought the Moisturizer. I chose this product because I thought I could replace my current moisturizer with this rather than using extra products on my face, although everyone is different it may suit others to go with the lotion or corrector instead. The moisturizer also happened to be little cheaper than the other items, priced at £35. 

I was told I would see minor results after 2 weeks and around 4-6 weeks skin tone would be improved. Though continuation of the product would result in further reduction of redness and unevenness. 

The moisturizer is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested; so good for sensitive skin. With SPF 20 it also protects against future dark spots. It has a really  nice creamy texture and when applied it soaks up straight away without any greasy feel left behind because it's oil free.  

After the initial 2 weeks of use I noticed my skin was defiantly much softer and less dull which was good. I was due to go back to Clinique so they could assess my skin so far and see how I was getting on with the product but I didn't bother as I was happy at the time.
After 4 weeks of using the product I noticed the slightest difference to redness, but nothing major. When I had finished the product a few weeks later there didn't seem to be any huge improvement. Maybe I was expecting too much, but after reading so many good reviews I was a little disappointed, however saying that, I do believe that maybe I was suggested the wrong skin type and thus effecting the effectiveness of the product. 
The big positive outcome of this product was the improvement of brightness of skin and the softness. 

For Clinique skin care click here

Have you tried this product? What's your opinion? 


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