Saturday, 3 August 2013

Beauty Haul - Recent Buys

So then, just a small collection of some recent purchases I've made to show. More essentials (ahem) rather than beauty treats here today! Nevertheless I will talk you through.

- Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited Perfume 50ml -
I purchased this for my mum not so long ago as a gift and I loved it so much I had to get myself some (cheeky) I love perfumes so much and when I can afford to I always have to buy some. I tend to go for perfumes which aren't overly sweet and are long lasting. DKNY, Lacoste and Hugo Boss are what I have always stuck by but since trying this perfume by Diesel I have loved it ever since.
It's quite a subtle smell, unlike some perfumes which are quite overpowering, however it lasts a long time. It has quite a floral smell to it and is said to be spicy and woody at the same time, which is a good way to describe it.  Bought on sale in Boots at the time at the price of £30. Not bad for the 50ml bottle. Defiantly recommend.

- Bourjois Little Round Pot Rose Pompon Blush -
Love this little pot of blusher. It's really nice and compact with a mirror inside and a brush (not the greatest but it's okay for when you're on the move) I bought this blusher because it's one of the only colours I could find which goes well on my very pale skin. It's such a light colour and gives my cheekbones this soft and subtle warm look. In terms of staying power, it lasts quite long and blends onto the skin really well.
This particular colour gives me a nice natural warmth, but depending on your skin tone or look you want to achieve there's a huge variety of shades available from light pinks, reds, and peaches to deeper shades with tones of brown.
Price paid? - £7.99 at Superdrug. I will certainly buy this brand again, maybe next time I'll try the cream blush.

- No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum - 
Okay, previous to buying this product I had read a lot of good reviews and heard so much hype about how great this serum was. Bearing this in mind and after doing a little research into it I decided to buy it to see if I could improve my skin tone and minimize any pores, which is what it claims to achieve. What with having sensitive skin I have to be careful what products I use on my face however with this serum which is designed for sensitive skin there should be no problem.
 The serum itself is not greasy nor heavy on the skin and it glides on really nicely and soaks in fast.  I've only just began using the product so can't comment on any long term results, however for the few days I have been using it I can defiantly say that my skin is much smoother and a little more luminous, which is great.  After longer use I hope to see more results (i'll keep you posted) but as yet the product is having some nice results and hasn't caused my skin any problems like some serums and creams do if they are too rich or heavy! 
Just to comment on the value for money, I think the price of £22 is a little steep considering the size of the tube, however if I see any amazing results in the near future I will take this comment back haha!

- Tea Tree Intense Spot Cream -
I've been troubled with a few breakouts recently, *sigh* probably due to stress or my bad diet, so I have needed something to sort it out (or try to). Staying clear from all the usual brands such as Clearisil and Neutrogena etc as they do nothing for my skin in the slightest, I purchased this tea tree cream. I've never used any tee tree products for poor skin before so decided to give this cream a whirl after a reccomendation and replace the old scrubs and masks which I have endless amounts of. 
All I can pretty much say is that it does a pretty good job of reducing redness and speeding the healing  process. Put on overnight and within a few days my skin was near enough clear. Where has this product been all my teenage life? No but honestly, this cream not only smells great and you can feel it working it really helped reduce breakouts and any redness with constant use. 
Tea tree is my saviour! 

So there go, a few of the beauty products I've bought recently.

 Have you tried any of these items? What are your thoughts? 


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