Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Talking Blogger issues & DSLRs

Today my blog decided it would remove every single image I've ever  uploaded, I'm not sure why. I suddenly went to check on some lovely comments I was left and found myself with an image-less blog (not pretty).  Bit of a pain really, not to mention a frantic rush to quickly locate every image and reload them back onto my blog before anyone noticed haha. Don't you just hate it when technology doesn't go right? Nevertheless, the issue was quickly resolved and as you see my lovely blog is back up and running again, hurrah!

Anyway speaking of images, I've been looking into buying a new camera recently, as I feel my phone camera and Ipad aren't really cutting it anymore. I always come across such amazing blogs that have these striking photos and I wish I could produce such material, but lack of equipment. 
I really want to buy a DSLR to get my blog looking even better but at the moment can't quite afford one. I love using DSLRs as they can produce such great images when used correctly. Having done a photography course I know how to use all the settings and modes to get awesome images with nice effects, but frustratingly don't own a camera with such means to. Although you don't need a fancy DSLR to produce good images, (or a fantastic blog as a matter of fact) especially with many digital cameras having the same settings such as aperture and shutter control, I just feel I could get a lot of use out of a DSLR and learn a lot about photography along the way too. But hey, I guess i'll have to stick to what I have for the moment!

What equipment do you use bloggers?  Let me know your thoughts - I'd love to hear


  1. I just got a canon 600D and the quality of the pictures are so good! :)


    1. Ah, your so lucky! Love canons
      Emelye x

  2. I use a Nikon D90 DSLR for outfit photos and a Olympus Pen EP-3 Micro 4/3 camera for product photos. Both are great!

    xo, alison*elle


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