Friday, 16 August 2013

June & July | Instagram Look Back

1. Just me |  2. Enjoying the sunshine, 'cause you know, it's pretty ok! | 3. Norfolks finest chocolate gateau | 4. Greatest t-shirt ever? River Island | 5. Last day drinkies with the college gang | 6. Awards night - 2 nominations and 2 wins | 7. Upside down cat | 8. A play suit kinda day - River Island | 9. 'Queen of Media' on awards night - Dress from Debenhams | 10. Sun, drink and relax. 

A little late, but looking back, in summary, two pretty great months!
I finished my last year of college with great results and also had the most amazing awards ceremony to top it off. Not to mention the weather was also a-mazing which I defiantly made the most of. 
I Hope everyone else had a great June and July too, and made the most of the British weather, haha. 

Anyway, August is now upon us and I hope to continue to enjoy my summer and do more great things before the start of Uni in September (eeek) 



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